Half a century excellence…


Since five decades, Üçsan Plastik has been manufacturing prime quality plastic household products, kitchenware articles, and flower pots for your living space.  The 25000 square meters production plant is located at Silivri in lstanbul. As being one of the pioneer producers, Ucsan Plastik has proven to be scrupulous on manufacturing over the years.

With a meticulous team, Ucsan Plastik, creates specialised departments to process high-quality precision: from moulding to packing, research and innovation, to quality control, Ucsan takes measures in all the steps of production line. As placing innovative, durable and safe products on market, Ucsan also  maintaines efficient prices and timely delivery.

Ucsan constantly apprises with current technology and world standards. The firm possess ISO 9001:2015,ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety (HACCP) Certificate, which you may review on Certificates Category.

As a result of being diligent in the  performance of its activities, today Ucsan Plastik firm is one of the leader producers in the industry. 

Having large scope of customer view, from Central Asia to Africa, and Europe to South Africa, Ucsan Plastik has been assiduously growing by collabrating with you since 1973...