49 th year in every corner of your home




Ucsan Plastik has been producing plastic household products, kitchenware articles, and flower pots since it was established in 1973. The 25000 square meters production plant is  located at Silivri in lstanbul.

Ucsan has been manufacturing all its products from moulding to packing with its own specialised team in its own premises. Our priority has always been to satisfy the customers needs. For fourty eight years, Ucsan has been placing innovative and durable products on market while maintaining efficent prices and timely delivery.

Ucsan possess ISO 9001:2015 which is quality management system certificate and accepted as a world standard, and has ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety (HACCP) Certificate. Ucsan Plastik also has “The Certificate of Material in Contact with Food and Drink” which is given by Ministry agriculture.

As a result of being dilegent in the  performance of its activities, today Ucsan Plastik firm is one of the leader in plastic industry. 

Having large scope of customer view, from Central Asia to Africa, and Europe to South Africa, Ucsan Plastik has been assidously growing by having encouragement from you, since 1973...