Our firm has been producing plastic household and kitchenware articles and flower pots since it was established in 1973. 1300 square meters confined production area is located at Silivri in Istanbul. Having more than 800 refined articles, our firm has been manufacturing all its products from mould production to packing with its own skilled team in its own premises. ÜÇSAN Plastik treasures customer needs and expectations, and meets them with most efficient price and timely delivery.
Our firm has lSO 9001:2008, lSO 22000: 2005 Food Safety (HACCP) Certificate, and the Certificate of Material in Contact with Food and Drink" which is given by Ministry of Agriculture. As a result of assiduous work, today our firm is a leader in the of plastic article manufacturing industry both in domestic and in foreign markets.
Having large customer view from Middle of Asia to Africa, Europe and South America, Üçsan Plastik has been growing everyday by receiving encouragement from you since 1972…