Ucsan Plastik develops and produces innovative and durable plastic household items; kitchenware, storage containers and organizers, flower pots, watering cans, cat and dog food containers, that are respectful to people, environmentally sensitive, safe and suitable for needs. Ucsan has adopted the principle of meticulously adapting to the evolving world conditions, keeping customer expectations and satisfaction in the foreground, and meeting them at the highest level.


Our team members are equipped, and well aware of our responsibility in every step of the production stage: from food safety to environmental protection, our staff is conscious and proactive and well collaborated. Ucsan Plastik team members accomplish tasks with due diligence to aim the elimination of the visible and hidden material and moral costs, that minimizes the damage caused by work accidents and occupational diseases, environmental effects and pollution, as well as, being an indicator of the value given to people in the workplaces. It should not be forgotten that we have to comply with the existing laws and legislations that care for society and environment. We take this responsibility very seriously and see it general duty of humanity.

We collaborate with expertise to skill train our employees to develop his or her talent and enhance abilities to eliminate work hazards to create a healthy work environment. The management has appointed an official who is an expert in occupational health and safety, food safety and environmental management. Our policy is to integrate contemporary skill training to our team members and constantly evolve to excel in what we do.   


World is a global village, and as a whole it has been evolving faster than ever. Ensuring a steady improvement, applying an effective integrated management system in compliance with contemporary conditions has given us a cutting edge in the industry.

Ensuring that our employees can access most effective and latest cognizance and that the communication is fluid, is the way for a company to be a world class player.


To excel in a global corporations’ world, a firm has to continuously develop and change with the participation of all its employees.