SECTION                  :KELK

DATE                         :03/02/2020

REV NO                    :00

Üçsan Plastik develops and produces products that are respectful to human, environmentally friendly, healthy, safe and suitable for need, plastic household goods, kitchenware, storage containers, pots, cat and dog food containers and watering containers.

In this sense, the management has adopted the basic principle to adapt to the changing and developing world conditions and to meet customer expectations and satisfaction at the highest level in order to improve them.

All our employees are responsible for food safety, occupational health and safety and environmental protection throughout the work area. The aim is to minimize the damage caused by occupational accidents and occupational diseases, pollution of environmental effects and to eliminate their visible and hidden material and moral costs, as well as an indicator of the value given to people in the workplaces. It should not be forgotten that we have to abide by existing laws and that this is a human duty. 

The top management of the business has appointed an official who is an expert in occupational health and safety, food safety and environmental management. Accordingly, unwanted injury, health deterioration, etc. as a result of work accidents. It is aware that the incidents should be minimized or even destroyed, ensuring food safety and the least harm or even destruction of the environment. It strives to achieve the best by raising the awareness of all personnel with trainings, ensuring their participation, determining policies and targets and ensuring that they work accordingly, by carrying out continuous review activities.

It is committed to continuous improvement and development in accordance with the developing and changing world conditions, to provide the necessary infrastructure and resources, and to fulfill its legal obligations in the best way. Relevant Risks and Opportunities are defined by considering the context of our organization in all processes.

Continuous improvement of the efficiency of the integrated management system and ensuring compliance with the conditions, Ensuring that the determined integrated management system objectives are reviewed,

Ensuring that our employees have access to this information and that communication is understood in the best way possible,

To be a global company that constantly develops and changes with the participation of all our employees.


To ensure customer expectations and satisfaction by producing household goods made of plastic, kitchen utensils, flower pots, cat and dog food containers and watering containers in the highest quality by keeping human health and the environment in the foreground.


As Üçsan, it is to be one step ahead by creating quality difference in our products while ensuring compliance with the conditions of the developing world in the future.